The MacGregor Legacy series

For Love or Loyalty book cover

For Love or Loyalty (Book1)
Scotland to the Carolinas, 1760
The story of a highlander seeking revenge, but when the bargaining price becomes too great of a moral sacrifice, he must find a way to reverse his deeds and save the woman he loves.
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For Love or Country book cover

For Love or Country (Book 2)
(North Carolina, 1781)
At the height of the Revolutionary War, Tyra MacGregor is successful at thwarting the British Army with her colonial spy efforts. But her sleuthing ways come to a screeching halt when Captain Donahue "Hugh" Morgan puts her under house arrest.
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For Love or Liberty book cover

For Love or Liberty (Book 3)
Coast of NC to Lake Erie, Ohio (1813)
The story about a family learning to battle the heartache of grief, while growing in their faith, and risking the opportunity to love again.
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The Highland series

Highland Blessings book cover

Highland Blessings
Highland warrior Bryce MacPhearson kidnaps Akira MacKenzie on her wedding day to honor a promise he made to his dying father.
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Highland Sanctuary book cover

Highland Sanctuary
A chieftain heir is hired to restore Braigh Castle, but discovers a hidden village of outcasts--a sanctuary full of mysterious secrets. Among them is a comely lass who captures his heart.
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Single Title Novels

Path of Freedom book cover

Path of Freedom
(Greensboro, NC 1858)
When Quakers Flora Saferight and Bruce Millikan embark on the Underground Railroad, they agree to put their differences aside to save the lives of a pregnant slave couple.
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Awakened Redemption hardback book cover

Path of Freedom
This is a hardback version of Path of Freedom with extra large print.
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Awakened Redemption book cover

Awakened Redemption
Preston Mallory hires Elyse Brigham as a nursemaid for his son. Recovering from an abused past, she begins to open her heart to him until she discovers Preston's true identity.
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Quakers of New Garden book cover

Quakers of New Garden
A collection of four stories centering around the generations of the Wall family starting in 1808 in Greensborough, NC with their assistance in birthing a new city and tracing their migration to the non-slave state of Indiana. There, they face new struggles in their involvement with the underground railroad leading up to the Civil War, and cling to the plain ways of tradition and faith for 200 years until present day when a new generation is tempted to abandon plainness and step out in faith to a new life and a new love.
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Highland Crossings book cover

Highland Crossings
The four stories in Highland Crossings is centered around the lives of the McKay and McPherson cousins and their descendants. A priceless brooch is given to an ancestress for a good deed she once performed for the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots and serves as the motivation that tears the family apart.
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Newest Novella!

The American Dream book cover
The American Dream Romance Collection
Meet the faithful dreamers who helped build the foundation of the new American nation—from four brothers in Colonial Connecticut determined to make something of their lives, to a colony of Quakers in North Carolina resolute in their faith, to settlers in the northwest frontier staking their claim in hostile territory. Watch as nine romances develop and legacies of faith and love are formed.
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